The mission of the College is to improve the graduates linguistically, cognitively, and skillfully during their study. By having these skills, the graduates will be able to join many different fields in the job market. These fields include translation, education, tourism and media. Moreover, the mission does not exclude the scientific research and postgraduate studies. Scientific research is considered a key element to enable the faculty to prepare cadres capable of developing the syllabus of the faculty in order to be up-to-date with language learning strategies and the new methods of translation. One of the main elements in the mission is to recruit faculty members who have a great experience and efficiency in the academic structure. These faculty members have the ability to utilize technology in the education process by depending on an effective academic administration. This will assist the local community, preserve cultural identity, and help in reviving connection with other cultures.


The vision of the college of Foreign Languages and Translation in Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) is to be a distinguished educational institution in the field of translation for the improvement of language, generally. In addition, it seeks to reach excellence and provide a proper education for competitiveness nationally and regionally. This will lead to serve the purposes of comprehensive development for a better nation.